Generic Viagra Online – Over the Counter (OTC) Viagra.

Sex is the biggest part of our life. It is like a barometer of relationship in a couple relationship. First sex makes the first impression. It paves the way the couple is going through during their life. But what could happen if one day something will destroy your sex?! It could change everything in your life and spoil relations with everyone. Unfortunately, ED today is a huge male problem. Medical specialists over the world after some researchers discovered that ED question year after year becoming bigger and bigger issue. Today medicine has some real methods of fighting with this problem, and one of them is Generic Viagra.
Generic Viagra Online appeared in 1995 after the interesting mistake of Pfizer research center’s specialists. They as a community with other medical centers tried to create a powerful pill, which could prevent a heart attack. They created a test group, which was consisting of some males and they decided to start experiments to males health reaction. All men of this group were with different heart problems. After test project’s deadline, pharmacy agents asked a group to return their pills. A few days later, they appeared that there were some people in the group, who still didn’t return them. The scientist asked their reason and the answer was very interesting. They wanted to usurp their pills because they changed their sexual life! It created a new wave of researchers, which found the real action of this new pill. Sildenafil is the main component, which has real influence on muscles and blood flow.

Where you can get Generic Viagra Online

When it appeared for the first time, there was only one way of ordering it – in pharmacy. It was a very difficult action, which sometimes couldn’t solve the problem. The first step was a visit to a doctor. Second – different tests and analysis. It gets about 1-2 weeks and only after passing the time, the doctor could give you a prescription, which gives you a chance to get Generic Viagra pill.
Today you can buy Viagra over the counter online. It is not a difficult deal. Nonprescription Viagra is very popular now because it doesn’t need any doctor’s advice. Today pharmacy is producing Generic Viagra without any side effects. The only one, which happens in 1 percent of cases, is red skin because of the huge blood flow.
The best over the counter Viagra is available to order online. This way it’s the best way because online you can choose your own time for the delivery, your own dosage and save money because Viagra otc has no markup.

Recommendations about dosages

There are different kinds of dosages, and everyone needs to know that.
The smallest Viagra dosage is 5 mg. It is necessary to say that this dosage has no other effect than a placebo. The main ED problem is in male’s head, that’s why many tests show the real effect of such little dosage. Besides, if someone is using Viagra for the first time – 5 mg could be a comfortable start. Viagra’s effect could bring some new feelings and sometimes it is important to use this pill step by step, from time to time by making your dosage bigger.
With 10-20 mg would show the real effect, which has nothing like the placebo. This dosage could make a strong erection because with 10-20mg of Sildenafil creates a real vasorelaxation. The effect lasts for 4 hours and it is able to have a good quality of sex without losing your time.
With 20-50 mg is a dosage for someone, who has real problems with ED. It could be someone, who could not have an erection because of physic problems, not emotional.
With 50-80 mg is available for someone, who never had any health problems about vessels or heart; because it could be dangerous.
And 80-100 mg is a dosage for someone who couldn’t have sex without pills. This dosage makes your heart, mind and muscles work hard, and there is no ability to use it without real ED problems.